Consume Apple Juice for Constipation

Did you know that apple juice can be a solution for constipation? A condition called constipation if someone defecated less than 3 times a week. Someone will feel full or bloated abdomen, and pain during bowel movements. These conditions certainly make it uncomfortable and disturbing.

There are several things you can do to stop constipation, such as taking laxatives, exercising, eating fiber from vegetables and fruits. But one of the best methods that can solve constipation is to consume apple juice.

There are various causes of constipation, which is less fiber intake, drink less which makes bowel movements more slowly, lack of exercise, taking certain medications, lifestyle changes, ignoring taste like a bowel movement , and some specific diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome and other diseases associated with digestive organs.

To solve constipation, drink fresh apple juice, after waking in the morning and one hour before bedtime. It helps provide additional fiber and minerals, vitamins and other substances that can cleanse the colon, kidney and blood cell regeneration. Apple juice should be consumed is made ​​its own juices, and not from the packaging, because there is the possibility of apple juice has been mixed with material from the container.

Apples contain no cholesterol and have enough fiber can help regulate bowel movements, because that apple juice can help to solve constipation.