Hair Colic, What is it?

Maybe some of us will think of Hair colic as a disease or something that should be looking for ways to get rid of it. It turned out that what is sought by many people about hair colic, including me, miss. It is really still in touch with the hair but this has nothing to do with a disease that needs to be rid of.

Hair colic you are looking for information about it, maybe Hair Cowlicks, as I quoted from eHow, it is a small tuft of hair that is continuously unruly. Most people are born with these cowlicks, which occur typically around the crown of the head or along the front of the face at the hairline. If you have a cowlick, you know exactly what one is and how much of a pain cowlicks can be.

Other tips from eHow on Hair colic as noted below, Permanently rid yourself of your cowlick by obtaining electrolysis or plastic surgery. You can also have it waxed to temporarily get rid of it. Do not use too much styling product to tame the cowlick, or you may give it a wet or stiff look, which may end up drawing more attention to it.