Home remedies for runny nose

The most excruciating disorder, when a cold is a runny nose, home remedies may be one way to solve this problem. One way you can do is to consume lots of water to drink, to keep moisture from the tissue around the sinuses and nose. The water content is enough to prevent the occurrence of infection, or if it already exists then the infection will not keep his condition worsened.

Also, avoid the trigger too, because sometimes a runny nose and congestion is only an allergic reaction to certain materials such as dust, dirt, animal dander and pollen of flowers. Use allergy medications if it is not possible to avoid it.

The rest, runny nose and nasal congestion must be addressed in different ways. A runny nose is relatively easy to overcome, while nasal congestion a bit more difficult because they have to thin the mucus in advance to be more easily removed.

To cope with a runny nose, the way is as follows:

1. Remove with a slowly
Remove excess mucus slowly so as not to cause excess pressure on the eardrum. Do it as often as possible, if the skin is chapped nose because it is often pressed with a finger, apply petroleum jelly or baby skin moisturizer.

2. Use anti-allergy
If that is triggered by allergies and it is impossible to avoid the trigger, use anti-allergy. Sometimes anti-allergy drugs can also relieve runny nose caused by flu, non-allergic rhinitis and sinusitis.

Meanwhile, a stuffy nose can be overcome with more or less the same way with a runny nose, just because the mucus is thicker then the more difficult issued.

1. Inhaled menthol vapor
The hot water is enough to produce steam that can relieve swelling in the nasal mucous membranes, resulting in the production and decreased mucus viscosity. Although not much scientific evidence, empirical evidence suggests that the addition of menthol aroma and eucaliptus could strengthen the effect.

2. Do light exercise
If not accompanied by fever and there is still a little effort, do a little exercise. Physical activity triggers the release of adrenalin which will relieve the swelling of mucous membranes, which produce mucus in the respiratory tract.

3. Use lozenges
Decongestants or lozenges work by addressing mucosal swelling, and blood vessels are clogged breathing, although the effect is only temporary. Do not use more than 3 days because if too much, it will exacerbate the production of mucus in the nose.