Toddler diarrhea treatment

Toddler diarrhea treatment needs to be known by the parents, if your baby or toddler experiences a sudden change in bowel movements than usual, both the frequency / amount of waste water into and out frequently in the consistency of liquid rather than solid, than it is diarrhea.

A newborn baby will generally defecate more than ten times a day, and greater baby will have the time of each bowel movement, there is a day 2-3 times a day, or there are only 2 times a week. In other words you need to know what is normal for your baby or toddler from their bowel habits.

Because the most common cause of diarrhea is a virus, then there is no treatment that can cure, because it usually will heal by itself after a few days. Then the diarrhea treatment is intended to treat existing symptoms and prevent dehydration or less liquid. Diarrhea can be cured only by continuing the provision of food as usual and beverage / liquid enough alone.

To remember the treatment is not given medicine to stop diarrhea, since diarrhea itself is a body's defense mechanism to remove the contamination of food from the intestines. Trying to stop the diarrhea with a drug such as clogging of pipeline that will come out and cause back-flow and will exacerbate the channel.

Because the process of this diarrhea is a defense mechanism of the body, will heal by itself after a few days - (14 days) which contains more diarrhea - from water (watery), its frequency is reduced and recovery. The most important thing in the diarrhea is to prevent and overcome the symptoms of dehydration.

Baby or toddler diarrhea treatment
- Continue Provision of Mother's Milk
- Note the cleanliness and balanced nutrition for the provision of complementary feeding after the baby is 4 months old.
- Since the transmission of direct contact of feces through hand / insect, then keep clean by making hand washing for the entire family. Wash hands before meals or provide food for your toddler.
- Remember to maintain the cleanliness of food or beverages that we eat. Also cleanliness dining furniture or your toddler play equipment.

Contact your doctor if:
- Diarrhea accompanied by blood, need specific treatment with antibiotics.
- The signs of dehydration (no tears when crying, urinating less or no urine in 6-8 hours, dry mouth)
- The high heat (.38.5 C) which does not fall within 2 days.
- Vomiting constantly - can not enter the food / ation.
- The presence of abdominal pain - colic, the baby or toddler will cry strong and usually bend the legs, sweating and restlessness.