What is diarrhea definition?

Diarrhea definition is a bowel movement (defecation) with fecal fluid or semi-liquid form, thus the water content in the stools more than normal defecation once that is 100-200 ml. According to WHO diarrhea definition is bowel movements or watery liquid more than three times a day.

Another say, Diarrhea definition is an increase in frequency of bowel movements or a reduction in the form of stool (greater looseness of stool). Although the changes in frequency of bowel movements and stool concessions can vary independently from one another, these changes often occur in both.

Signs of diarrhea is the frequency of bowel movements more than three times a day with liquid until the consistency is more like water. As for other signs such as fluid and electrolyte loss, sunken eyes, thirst, dry mouth, fever, letargis, and is sometimes accompanied by vomiting. Some of the other senses diarrhea, according to some experts is a discharge of superb fecal water and electrolytes.