Early burn treatment at home

Burns, are the accidents that often occur at home. There is a treatment that you should do. Causes burns can occur because the fire burned directly, also can occur because of the high temperature heating from the sun, exposed to electricity, and chemicals. Severity of a burn is determined by the depth of burns, extensive, and area.

The depth of burns, determined by high temperature, and duration of exposure. Besides being exposed to direct fire on the body, the clothes were burned, also deepen extensive burns. Material safety clothing, is a material made from wool fabric. Synthetic materials like nylon and dacron, flammable and easily melted by high temperature, so it becomes sticky and aggravate the burn degrees.

First attempt at burning is immediately put out the fire, for example by covering and closing parts of the fire. Victims may seek to quickly dropped and rolled to prevent the spread of the clothing on fire. Contact with hot material must also be quickly terminated such as by dipping the burned or plunged into cold water, or remove clothes that scalded.

Immediately cool the blood that burned and to keep the temperature cool in the first hour. Therefore soak the body part that burned during the first fifteen minutes in the water is very beneficial to lower the temperature of the burned area network so that damage is more superficial burns and can be minimized. Immersion or sprinkling burn wounds can be done with cold water whatever, and do not sterile.

First aid after the heat source is turned off, is to soak the burned area in water or pouring water flowing at least fifteen minutes. In minor burns, the main treatment principle is to cool the burned area with water, preventing infection and allowing the remnants of the epithelium to cover the wound surface. Injuries can be treated with care in a closed or open. Treatment can be done by rubbing the wound with antiseptic and leave it open (in open treatments). Is commonly used antiseptic solution of povidone iodine (betadin). In the treatment of wounds smeared closed after an antiseptic solution, the wound was closed with a sterile dressing.