How to heal a burn in emergency situation.

Are you burned? The good do not be hasty in how to heal a burn result from exposure to flames or hot objects. Injury to the skin tissue also can not be a trivial thing.

Burns on the skin surface layer, can be more painful than burns inside. In the inner wounds are usually skin has changed color to white and the shape and feel no pain. While burns on the skin surface usually causes skin redness and it hurt like hell.

Aloe Vera is a healer burns the fastest, no one can match it, and also most effective against skin. Aloe vera has 75 chemicals in total only 1% of the remainder of the water. Chemicals can not stand alone and must be used together. Best and most effective way is to use Aloe Vera is still fresh because after a broken aloe vera will be oxidized. Overall, Aloe Vera will give the effect of anti-heat / anti-burns, anti-bacteria on the skin and moisturize the skin so that skin will be less itching and no infection.

How to heal a burn

1. Once exposed to hot objects or liquids, immediately remove the clothing around the burn. Do it as soon as possible, not to object or hot liquid on clothing that can fall into your skin.

2. Immediately flush the burn with cold water. Approximately for 15 minutes or more until the burns look better. This is to cool the wound prior to drug exposure. Compress the wound with gauze. Do not use cotton or other materials that might be attached to the skin.

3. Avoid toothpaste, butter or ointment of any kind, because you will be more severe wounds. Enough cold water to relieve pain burns.

4. Immediately consult a doctor for burns to avoid bacterial infection. If you are infected with the bacteria, after suffering the injury you will be fever, inflammation, and burns will ooze pus.

5. Sufficiently serious burn degrees should only take you directly to the doctor or hospital. Because the skin tissue will be damaged, and will disrupt other body systems work. Eventually you should get intensive care.