Recognize The Burn Degrees

Burn degrees are classified into six degrees, It is necessary to know to determine the appropriate treatment step, so if you feel there is something hot and stinging on your skin, immediately diagnosed early, you will assist physicians, and expedite the handling of injuries that you suffered . Check before burns are treated not only caused by fire, but also because doused hot fluids, shock, exposure to radiation or chemicals.

First Degree Burns
At the first-degree burns, the burned skin color reddish colored like sunburn, and if checked then only mild swelling, causing pain, no blisters, dead skin is not present, healing of burns is approximately a 3 -5 days.

Second Degree Burns
The burned skin color all red, and the swelling arises is, causing pain, blisters burned skin, there is no dead skin, and long recovery is approximately 2-6 days.

Third Degree Burns
In third-degree burns are a little more severe, because the burned skin color is white, brown, yellow or black, causing severe injuries swelling, no pain because nerve cells have been damaged, and this third-degree burns do not cause blistered skin, healing burns can be for weeks.

Fourth Degree Burns
Skin color black, and does not cause swelling, less pain because nerve cells have been damaged, blistered, the skin appeared dead, and duration of recovery in weeks.

Fifth and Sixth Degree Burns
Fifth and sixth degree burns are most often diagnosed during an autopsy. The damage goes all the way to the bone and everything between the skin and the bone is destroyed. It is unlikely that a person would survive this type of injury but if a miracle occurred then amputation of the affected area would be necessary.