Canadian Tire Oil Change

As quoted from Canadian Tire, Regular oil and filter changes are essential for maximizing the fuel economy and life span of your vehicle. Although some oils provide protection for an extended duration, it is recommended that engine oil be changed every 3 months or 5,000 km (check your owner's manual).

Oil is the essential ingredient for vehicles. Choosing and using a good oil for your vehicles is the right step, to take care of machinery and equipment of vehicles, so that is not easily damaged and prevent waste.

Generally, people assume that the primary function of oil, just as an engine lubricant. Though oil has another function that is not less important, such as: Cooling, Cleaning and Closing Gaps in the wall machine. All these functions are very closely related; as Lubricants, Oil will create friction between moving parts inside the engine is more refined, making it easier for machines to achieve the ideal working temperature. Besides oil also acts as a heat transfer fluid reaches the combustion chamber of 1000-1600 degrees Celsius to other parts of the engine cooler.

With the level of viscosity that are tailored to the needs of volume and capacity of the machine. The more viscous oil, the rate of leakage will be smaller, but on the other hand resulted in increased workload for the oil pump.

Canadian Tire Oil Change Tips

- Changing your own oil means having the right accessories for the job and the cleanup afterwards.
- Before you start an oil change, gather together everything you need for the task. Funnels, filter wrenches, drain pans, hand cleaner and oil absorbents are all must-haves.
- Always use axle stands and wheel chocks when working with a raised vehicle.

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